Frog Idol


Lemmata is nothing but the sister blog to Masks of Eris. That’s where I blog; here is where I draw pictures. (Or, somewhat incongruously, post pictures of the sinister frog idol (above) which is the source of my meager artistic abilities. It’s a long story and the statute of limitations and anyway nice weather outside.)

Subjects vary from mathematics to (graduate) student life, from skepticism to the tyranny of pants, as seen through the eerily unblinking, chalk-blinded eyes of an academician/under-bridge-bum-in-training. Updates will be daily for now, and future remains unknown and uncommitted-for.

Lemmata is also the plural of lemma; a lemma in turn is a baby theorem. And a theorem is a mathematical result you can prove. Lemmata cluster at the feet of a theorem, propping it up, outsourcing nasty little examinations of tedious details. They’re the sort of things that end up as homework when your lecturer doesn’t want to waste chalk on the inessential, and doesn’t want to hop over a detail either. They’re silly little asides you need to complete the whole… and I guess you see the connection between this and Masks of Eris now, right? Masks of Eris is the witch; these are the warts.

As I have entirely too much time on my hands, there will occasionally be one joke in the picture, another in the title, and a third in the url. (Well, to amend that, “as I have entirely too much time on my hands, and the sideways crooked mathematical approach to notation and things…”)


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